Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 cont’d….

A few minutes later the Fire Truck and Terry approached another car. After another short negotiation Terry got into the car and it too drove away. Terry Perez appeared to be turning tricks on the street. It was going to be an interesting time a Crystal’s house tonight.
My cell phone rang. It was Lyons. He said that Ramon collected from ten more of his whores and then went out to lunch. I told Lyons to stay with him and find out where he lives.
A half an hour later, Terry came back on the street. Fifteen minutes after that a young preppy type who looked like a student at George Washington or Georgetown Universities approached her. They talked a few minutes and he surreptitiously slipped her something. It looked like folded currency and she took him by the arm and they sauntered off half a block east and turned into an alley. She was back in twenty minutes. I’d seen enough. Terry Perez was playing both ends of the trade.
I started walking towards R Street and my Jeep. Then I remembered I was getting expenses so I flagged a cab. It was mid afternoon when I got to my Jeep so I drove to my office. The mail was all junk and I threw it into the trash unopened.
I needed to find out more about Ramon Urruela. I called detective lieutenant Bob Murdoch, my contact at the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department. Murdoch is a twenty two year veteran of the MPDC and is currently commanding the homicide squad. He’s five feet ten and two hundred thirty pounds of pure tough cop. His closed cropped hair, what there is of it, was salt and pepper, mostly salt, and formed a ring around his bald dome. He sports a thick solid jet black full mustache on his upper lip. I think he polished it when he shines his shoes. I have never seen him without a cigar in his mouth. That is except, when he is pouring Bushmills Irish Whiskey down his throat. His blue tie always has a dusting of gray cigar ash.


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