Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 cont’d…

The first hooker had flaming red hair piled high on her head. I had never seen that shade of red in nature before. It looked like she was wearing a fire truck. Her form fitting yellow tube top barely covered her ample chest and her chartreuse leather micro mini skirt displayed, well everything she wanted displayed. On her feet was a pair of white vinyl four inch heel thigh high boots.
The second hooker had wild blond curly hair piled high on her head. She wore a skimpy tan leather vest which didn’t quite meet in front and was only held together by a leather lacing between two wooden toggle buttons. The vest showed a lot of what she had a lot of to show. She almost had on a blue denim micro-mini skirt which was barely legal. Tan cowboy boots and an ivory colored straw cowboy hat with a plume of large dark feathers sticking up from an imitation snakeskin hatband completed her ensemble. I’d be willing to bet her pickup line was “ride me cowboy.”
Each of the hookers slipped something in Ramon’s hand. Since nothing changed hands from Ramon to the hookers, they must be paying back to him and not buying drugs from him. Our friend Ramon is not a pusher, he’s a pimp. When Ramon kissed Terry on the cheek I could see some red on the white bandages. Perhaps his nose was still bleeding. He continued down Fourteenth Street alone. Terry stayed with the two hookers.
I nodded my head sideways in the direction Ramon headed, a signal for Lyons to follow him while I crossed into the circle where I found a bench with a good view of the hooker’s corner. I watched the cowgirl and the fire truck both stick their heads into the open passenger side window of a car stopped at a light. After what appeared to be a short negotiation the cowgirl jumped into the front seat and as the light changed, the car drove off with the chirp of squealing tires. I guess ‘ride me cowboy’ works.


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