Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 cont’d..

While we ate I explained the situation to him. We sat for two hours drinking the coffee, finishing off the donuts and watching Terry Perez’s front door.
At one o’clock Terry and Ramon walked down the front stoop steps of her building hand in hand and walked towards Fourteenth Street. His eyes already turned a purplish shade of black and his nose was sloppily bandaged. Lyons and I got out of the Jeep and followed them from the south side of the R Street.
At the next intersection, they turned south on Fourteenth and crossed our path. We were a half a block from the intersection. Terry was too busy looking at Ramon and he was too busy trying to make the hurt go away to recognize me. Lyons crossed Fourteenth and followed them from the west side of the street; I stayed on the east side of the street about a half block behind them.
They continued to Thomas Circle and the Washington Plaza hotel where they stopped and met with two obvious hookers. Thomas Circle, one of the many traffic circles in Washington were originally Civil War defensive fortifications named for a Civil War general.
There was a lot of pedestrian traffic. A Midwestern farm family of four on vacation in the big city stood waiting for the waiting for the traffic light to change. The father who was tall with dark hair kept sneaking sideways glances at the two hookers standing on the corner a few feet away. They would probably be the main topic of conversation at the next Rotary meeting back home. His wife was a little shorter with mousey brown hair and very pregnant. She looked tired and worn out. The two little girls were bubbling with excitement dancing around while waiting for the traffic light to change.


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