Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 cont’d.

He thought for a few moments. Yes. Several ladies mentioned missing small amounts of money, a five here, a ten there; articles of clothing, costume jewelry. Little things, things that you might think you misplaced.
“Was Terry around there the times things turned up missing?” I asked.
“I don’t know but I’ll ask around.”
“Thanks. I think Terry’s responsible for that too. Call me when you find out anything,” I said and I gave him my cell number and hung up.
I called Vanessa. She told me she would probably have to work a couple of extra hours tonight. I told her I had to interview a witness and maybe late myself. We decided to meet at Timothy’s Pub around eight.
I kept a stakeout of Terry’s building. I didn’t expect her to appear again for at least an hour as she was probably nursing Ramon back to health.
I dialed Lyons’ cell number. He picked up on the second ring. “Lyons,” he answered.
“Corporal, this is your sergeant,” I said in the same commanding tone of voice I used in the Gulf. “You want a job?”
“You need some help.”
“I do.”
“Sure,” he said.
I gave him my location and added, “Bring some donuts and coffee when you come, I’m starving.”
“You didn’t just ask me to meet you so I could just deliver your lunch, did you?”
“Would I do a thing like that to you?” I asked, a broad grin on my face.
A half an hour later there was a taping on my passenger side window. Lyons held up the Dunkin Donut box. I unlocked the door and he slid in. He handed me a coffee and the first sip was like heaven and the donuts weren’t bad either.


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