Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 8 cont’d…

I talked with your gentleman from that night and he said you were gone fifteen minutes. By the way, he was pissed off. He said he’d paid good money for your ass and you forced him to wait. He is planning to complain to Crystal about it,” I lied. Sometimes a lie can be a good thing. As long as I’m doing the lying.
“You stole the necklace after you went to the bar for the champagne and before you serviced your john.”
“Get out!” She shouted. She looked me straight in the eye. It was the truth. She wanted me to get out.
“We’re not finished yet.”
“Jes we are. Get out or I will call Ramon.”
“Jes. Ramon Urruela, my boyfriend. He will kill ju for this,” she shouted. Crystal told me Terry was a Latin spitfire and she sure was right. I opened my jacket so she could see my gun. “He’s got guns too.” Good to know.
“Are ju going to to leave or do I gotta call Ramon?”
“You can call Ramon if you like and we will finish this conversation later tonight at Ms O’Shea’s with Mr. Cavanaugh present,” I said.
“Ju keep that Irish pig away from me. He scare me,” she said. Good, I thought. A weak spot. Also good to know.
“Would you rather talk to me, here, without Ramon or would you rather talk to me and Mr. Cavanaugh tonight at Ms O’Shea’s without Ramon?” I asked. When faced with only these two options she calmed down.
“So now again, what took you so long?” I asked.
“I got lost.” She was looking over my right shoulder as she told this lie.
“You got lost? You got lost in Ms O’Shea’s house? Incredible. You’ve been working for Ms O’Shea for six months and you are still getting lost. I have a problem believing that. What did you for the fifteen minutes you were missing?” I asked again.


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