Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 8 cont’d..

She sat on an old tubular chrome dinette chair with worn red marbleized patterned vinyl covering the seat and curved back. It reminded me of the set my parents had when I was a kid. She didn’t offer me a seat which was fine with me because I’m not sure I wanted to sit on her sofa. Also standing, I could tower over her, intimidate her.

“Terry a valuable necklace of Crystal’s was stolen the night of the party. You were away from the party for two minutes. What did you do for those two minutes?” I asked

“Went to the banos, bathroom.”

“I know you didn’t steal the necklace during the party, you didn’t have enough time,” I said. She appeared relieved when I mentioned that she didn’t steal the necklace but she didn’t catch the ‘during the party’ part. I continued. “When the party broke up the other girls and their gentlemen went directly to their separate rooms; all, that is except you. You went to the bar and got a bottle of champagne and two flutes from Mr. Cavanaugh. My question to you is did you steal Ms O’Shea’s necklace?”

“No.” Lie.

“Why did you steal the necklace?”

“I doan steal no necklace.” Another lie. Terry Perez was twitching like an epileptic in the midst of a grand mal seizure.

“What did you do after the time you got the champagne until the time you met your gentleman back in your room?” I asked.

“I went straight back to the room.” She couldn’t look me straight in the eye and she gave off small barely perceptible and involuntary facial twitches. Terry Perez lied. She stole Crustal O’Shea’s necklace.

“No. You were gone fifteen minutes.”

“No, I wasin’.” More twitching.


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