Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 8 cont’d.

The door closed and I heard the sound of the security chain being released. Terry opened the door. She came up to my shoulders. Her old, worn white terrycloth robe sported a collection of various colored food stains as if this was all she wore when she was home. The robe was loosely tied around the waist and her well endowed chest caused the robe to gap open. The tattered robe did nothing to hide her full figure. Crystal was right. Terry did have the kind of ass men like to grab. The robe came down to just below her knees. A butterfly tattoo decorated the slope of her left breast where it blended into her shoulder. The colorful butterfly set against her olive complexion was quite attractive. Her thick hair was dull and matted from sleep. Her eyes were deep brown and the dark makeup smudges around her eyes made her look like a raccoon. I’d bet her pillow wore as much of her makeup as she did. Her fingernails once painted a bright fire engine red but now the paint was cracked and chipped. Her feet were dirty and her toes were painted the same bright red as her fingernails and like her fingernails, the paint on her toe nails were also cracked and chipped. She looked like she’d been rode hard and put away wet. Terry opened the door wide and stepped back.
“Come in,” she said. I did. “What do ju want?”
The overwhelming smell of stale sweat and the sickly sweet aroma a marijuana struck me as I entered Terry’s apartment.
“You been smoking pot?” I asked.
“No, I doan do no pot,” Terry said. She didn’t look me in the eye while she lied to me.
“Yes, you do,” I said. Changing the subject, I asked, “You worked a party at Crystal’s three nights ago?”


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