Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 7 cont’d..

Lyons was just as proficient with the killing arts as I am. He’s also a good shot. He does some independent work for anybody with enough money to hire his services. He also does some work for a certain three letter government agency who shall remain nameless and who doesn’t want to be connected to the jobs they hire Lyons to do. I don’t know what exactly Lyons does for a living and I’m sure I don’t want to know. They say ignorance is bliss and when it comes to knowing what Lyons does, I want to be very blissful.
“What are you working on now?” Lyons asked.
“A missing diamond necklace worth two hundred fifty G’s,” I said.
“Nice,” Lyons said. “How’s it going?”
“We have a theory of ‘who dun it’ but what we need is proof. You want a drink?”
“Chivas OK?” I asked.
“If that’s what you have, that’s what I’ll have.”
I poured two scotches, put the bottle on the desk and pushed his drink towards him. He took a sip.
“Look Jake,” Lyons started, “don’t forget, when you need help on a case call me. I’ll rearrange my schedule if I have to. Working with you would be like old times but without anybody shooting at us.”
“I don’t know about the ‘anybody shooting at us’ part,” I said. “Can’t guarantee that. But I can always use backup.”
“Works for me.”
We caught up on old times and went though half the Chivas until my stomach growled.
“Vanessa has to work later tonight. Ever been to Timothy’s Pub?” I asked.
Timothy’s Pub. Timothy’s has been my favorite watering hole since I moved into the neighborhood. It is also within staggering distance of my apartment. A lot of dark woodwork and fake exposed beams, Timothy’s decorated in a designer’s idea of what an authentic Irish pub should look like. It didn’t quite make it.
“Good booze, good burgers.”
“Sounds like a plan.”
“Let’s go.” We went.


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