Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 7 cont’d.

“She said my real mother was a scared sixteen year old unwed girl who was rejected by her parents when she got pregnant. She was hardly more than a child herself. ‘Mom’ told me that my birth mother never even looked at me; just told the nurses to take me away. Once I asked ‘Mom” what my birth mother’s name was but she said she didn’t know. I never asked again.
“When I was eighteen, the orphanage kicked me out. They said I was a man now and had to go out on my own. ‘Mom’ was there that day. She hugged me with tears running down her cheeks. She slipped me a folded sheet of paper. Once outside, I unfolded the paper. It was a letter to me and folded inside the letter was a twenty dollar bill. She wrote her full name, address and telephone number in the letter. Her name was Mildred Wicks. She told me later that being unmarried she wasn’t allowed to adopt me although she wanted to from the very first day. I stayed with her for a while. During that time I couldn’t find a job, I couldn’t even get a job digging ditches. I came home one night after I’d been living at ‘Mom’s’ two weeks and told her that I joined the Marines. She hugged me and cried. You know the rest.”
I just patted his knee. There was nothing I could say. It took quite a lot for the usually private Lyons to open up and tell me about his being an unwanted orphan.
Lyons and I fought together, got drunk together, got laid together. He became closer to me than any of my brothers. I knew I could depend on him to have my back and he knew he could depend on me to cover his back. When we came back stateside, I tried to fix him up with my sister Julie. They went our a few times but the chemistry just wasn’t there. I think it was Lyons being introverted and Julie being an extrovert. They parted friends.


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