Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 7

It was late in the afternoon when I unlocked my office door. I was tired. Interviewing people while not physically difficult is hard on the psyche. I bent over and picked up the mail from the floor, looked through it as I walked to my desk. Wow, another check. It must be my week. The blinking light on my answering machine was flashing. I pushed the play button and my wife Vanessa’s voice came through the speaker.
“Jake, I have to work late tonight for court tomorrow. I see you when I get home. Shall I wake you when I get home?” She asked in a purring voice.
I picked up the phone and dialed Vanessa’s work number. “Vanessa Malone,” she said as she answered the phone.
“Yes,” I said.
“Who is this?” She asked.
“Some guy that got the hots for you.” Click. I called her back.
“Vanessa Malone,” she said as she answered the phone again.
“Hi Baby.”
“Hi Jake. You got my message? I’m sorry, I have to get ready for tomorrow and I have about five more hours to go.”
“Yeah, that doesn’t sound like fun.”
“No, it doesn’t.”
“I still have the hots for you.”
“That was you? I thought it was an obscene phone call,” Vanessa said
“It was, this is.”
“Hold that thought,” she said.
“Oh, I will.”
“I love you,” Vanessa said.
“I love you too.”
“Fend for yourself tonight for dinner. We’re sending out for sandwiches later,” Vanessa said.
I looked at the piece of paper Crystal gave me as I was leaving her house. It was an address on R Street near Logan Circle. It must be Terry Perez’s. I’ll have to check it out in the morning.


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