Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 6 cont’d……..

“Thank you for your help.”
“You’re welcome. I hope you find Crystal’s necklace,” Pauline said looking at me with an enticing smile on her face.
“So do I.”
“Thank you Pauline,” Boyle said. Pauline walked from the office looking over her shoulder at me with that same smile on her face.
She didn’t steal the necklace,” I said.
“Body language?” Boyle asked
“And eye contact.”
“Pauline likes you.”
“I like her too.”
“No, I mean she really likes you.”
“Oh.” After letting that settle in I said, “I guess that’s all we can do here now. Is Crystal in the living room?” I asked.
“Yes.” Crystal sat on one of the living room loveseats with her legs tucked under her reading a book.
“Are you finished already?” She asked looking up from her book and patting the seat next to her. “Jake sit.” She was talking to me but she was looking at Boyle.
Boyle told Crystal about Carol and the coke. “Get her out of the building today, now,” Crystal said. Boyle nodded.
Crystal pondered for a moment. “I liked Carol. She’s been with me for years. She was a good worker and very popular with the clients. I hate to let her go but I can’t, I won’t have drugs in my house. Some of my clients are prominent judges. They will tolerate the ladies but they can not tolerate the drugs.
“Did any of those three steal my necklace?” Crystal asked.
“No.” I told her about lie detection techniques and how the three passed.
“Boyle, what do you think?” She asked him
“They didn’t steal your necklace. Jake thinks Terry stole the necklace.” Boyle told Crystal our theory of how Terry stole the necklace.
“I’m glad Pauline is innocent. What are you going to do next?” Crystal asked.
“Find the evidence to have Terry Perez prosecuted,” I said.
“Jake, remember I want to know first before getting the cops involved,” Crystal said, as she took a slip of paper from between the pages of her book and gave it to me. On it was written an address in her fine script.


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