Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 6 cont’d……

“The first time the asshole I was with poured his drink down my cleavage. I just couldn’t believe it. When I felt the shock of the icy champagne on my bare skin I jumped. He obligingly started to pat my chest using his napkin with a little more patting than I thought was necessary under the circumstances as he tried to apologize. I excused myself and walked to the door. He’s on the D.C. City Council. He said it was an accident but I doubt it. He ruined my dress. Boy, I was pissed. It was the first time I wore it. That dress cost me two hundred fifty dollars three days ago and now its ruined. I was so mad I took my good time changing and getting back to the party. I was tempted to walk out altogether but Crystal would have been really angry with me; these clients were important to her. I changed into a dress that I wore the night before. It needed a dry cleaning badly as it smelled of perspiration and sex. He was so horny he didn’t care what I smelled like. If I could, I would have gone out for a cup of coffee. That’s how anxious I was to get back to the asshole. I took my good time. I stalled as long as I could. I repaired my makeup and walked slowly back to the party. Hey, a face like this doesn’t happen at the snap of the fingers.” Boyle and I both laughed. “He apologized profusely. But,” Pauline said with a shrug, “what the hell, he’s a two hundred dollar tipper. So I would break even for the night.”
“The second time, the asshole was in a hurry to… well you know. He put his hand down my decolletage and with his other hand he pulled down his fly and stuffed my hand into his pant. I mean I like sex and its always good to get paid, and paid well, for doing something you like to do. But with this asshole it wasn’t sex, it was work. It was just like my dad carrying his lunch bucket everyday and trudging out to the barn, climbing on his tractor and heading into the fields. It’s a job. As soon as we got into the bedroom and closed the door he put two one hundred dollar bills on the table next to the bed.


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