Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 6 cont’d….

A minute later the door opened and in walked a beautiful brunet with such an outstanding figure that it must have been manmade. She wore a simple white blouse unbuttoned enough to reveal her cosmetically shadowed cleavage, a navy pencil skirt to just above her knees with a twelve inch front kick slit which when she took a step revealed a large portion of her shapely legs. She wore flat navy shoes. Her hair was neatly styled and her makeup understated. She stood tall, five feet, ten or so and had a brilliant smile and warm pale blue eyes.
“Hi. I’m Pauline Walsh,” she said extending her hand.
“Pauline, I’m Jake Curtis. How are you?”
“I’m fine. You?”
“Good. How long have you worked for Crystal?” I asked.
“What’s this all about?” She asked. From what I’ve seen, this woman in not the usual prostitute. She’s smart and well educated.
“Something turned up missing and Crystal hired me to try and locate it. How long have you worked here?”
“About seven years.”
“You must have been young when you started.
“Just turned eighteen.”
“How did you get started in this profession?”
“You mean how did a nice girl like me end up in a place like this?”
“Yeah, sorta.” Smart and a sense of humor.
“I found out at a very early age that I liked sex. I was fourteen when I lost my virginity in the backseat Tommy Jordan’s father’s Buick. The following week I in the back seat again but this time with Tommy Jordan’s father. I discovered that then that I liked the feeling it gave me. I wanted to do it as often as I could. I found out later that what I felt was called coming and I came easily. Word soon got around school that I was what they called an easy lay. I didn’t care as long as my parents didn’t find out. Well, my mother did. I thought all hell would break loose. But it turned out that mom was cool. We had a long woman to woman talk. She told me that I inherited my ability to come easily from her. She told me that she and daddy enjoyed each other several time a week. I was shocked. My parents did it. She took me to her doctor and got me on the pill.


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