Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 6 cont’d..

“Nope, she told the truth about the necklace and when she finally admitted the coke usage. She lied through her teeth about denying her coke usage bur she’s not the thief,” I said.
“No, she only got high,” Boyle said.
“Or to ‘made everything blurry,’ ” I said.
“I’ll tell Crystal about the coke but I wanted to wait and find out what she said to us before telling her.” Boyle said. Boyle stepped from the office and came back a few minutes later with Suki Smith. Again he made the same formal introductions.
“It seems that Suki’s developed a ghetto attitude today. I just wanted to warn you,” Boyle said.
“Thanks.” Boyle returned to his seat and led Suki to the other chair. Suki walked into the office as if she owned it, sat down, crossed her arms in front of her and dared me to speak to her. Suki came in wearing an old housecoat, her hair in rollers, without makeup and flip-flops on her tiny feet. Suki’s Amerasian heritage was plain to see; a light skinned African American with almond shaped eyes.
“Suki, how long have you worked for Crystal?”
“Two, two and a half years or so,” Suki said.
“Are you happy working here?”
“Things could be worse.”
“How did you happen to work here?”
Suki looked around the room and said, “Lucky, I guess.”
“Watch it girl,” Boyle said. Suki took a deep breath.
“Are you happy here?”
“I have no complaints,” Suki said.
“You happy with what you are making here?”
“I have no complaints,” Suki said, this time with some hostility.
“About how much do you make a year?”
“Why, you thinking of getting a job here?”
“Answer the question girl,” Boyle said.
“Low six figures.”
“Do you need money?”
“Need, No. Want, I always want money.”
“What would you do for money?”
“Almost anything.”
“Legal or illegal?” I asked. Suki laughed.
“What I do here isn’t exactly legal, is it?” She had me there.
“Suki, what do you know about Crystal’s necklace being missing?” I asked.


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