Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 6 cont…

“Something turns up missing and the first thing you honkies do is accuse the nigger,” Suki started.
“First of all, do not use that particular epitaph in my presence again. Secondly, you are not the first person I’ve talked with. Actually, you’re the fourth and we are going to talk. Do you understand me? Suki didn’t say a word. She stood and started for the door.
Boyle shot his right arm out and grabbed Suki’s left arm above her elbow. I saw her wince in pain as he squeezed her tightly forcing her back into the chair. “Suki, sit down and talk with Mr. Curtis or you and me may just have to have a little talk of our own later.” Suki sat back down.
I thought I’d try another tact. “Suki, did you steal Crystal’s necklace?”
“No.” Her eyes never left mine.
“Now again, what do you know about Crystal’s necklace being missing?”
“Nothing,” she said as she crossed her arms in front of her again?
“Suki, you left the party two nights ago at around 8:15 for five minutes. What did you do during that five minutes?” I asked.
“I took a piss,” Suki said bitterly.
“Suki, watch your mouth,” Boyle said to her.
“It’s the truth. I went to the potty.”
“What else did you do while you were away from the party?” I asked.
Suki looked at Boyle then turned back to me and said, “That’s all.”
“Didn’t you wash your hands or touch up your makeup?” I asked, trying to get a rise from her or get her to say something to trip herself up.
“Yeah, I did.”
“What did you think of your date that night?”
“He was a john. So what if he was a federal judge, he’s still a john. No big deal. Had one john, you had ’em all.”
Suki, you can go now, thanks.” She looked at Boyle. He nodded once and she stood and left the office.
“She didn’t do it, did she?” Boyle asked.
“No, she didn’t steal the necklace. Once she got past her initial hostility, she pretty much calmed down and relaxed. Would you have hit Suki?” I asked.
“No, but she didn’t know it, Boyle said. I laughed.
“I’ll send Pauline in while I ask Crystal about inquiring of Terry’s gentleman about her absence that night.


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