Death in Diamonds New Chapter 5 cont’d……

“I don’t know, maybe. But she could have set the bottle and flutes down while she looked in the desk, found the necklace, hidden the necklace in her bodice, picked the flutes and bottle back up and scampered to her room,” Boyle said.
“And she walked into the room, slipped the necklace out of her bra and hid it in one of the night table drawers until after her gentleman left,” I said.
“God dammit! God dammit!” Boyle exclaimed.
“That’s how it happened,” Boyle said after he calmed.
“I think I’ll ask Crystal about hiring someone part time to tend bar at these parties so I can concentrate on security.” Boyle said. I didn’t think it would help. What he needed was an usher to make sure the couples to their rooms without any intermediate stops.
“Boyle, that’s probably a good idea.” it was his idea, what the hell. “Please bring in whichever of the ladies is handy,” I said. He went to the door to find the first lady available for questioning. I was 99% sure Terry Perez was the thief. If, by chance, one of the gentlemen stole the necklace, that would give Crystal a big decision to make; whether to make her operation public or merely eat a quarter of a million dollar loss. I had to positively eliminate the other three ladies and prove that it was Terry who stole the necklace. No big deal.


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