Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 5 contd…..

“Where was the room that Terry used that night?”
“Adjacent to Crystal’s office.”
“So she was right next to Crystal’s unlocked office and desk.” I said, out loud to Boyle and to myself.
“God Dammit!” Was all Boyle had to say, his Irish temper flaring. His brogue came out strong. He said enough.
“Do you think you can get Crystal to talk privately with Terry’s gentleman that night and ask him how long he was alone in Terry’s bedroom before she came back with the champagne?”
“I’ll ask her but I can’t promise she will,” Boyle said.
“Maybe Crystal could ask in the name of quality control?” I asked. Boyle shrugged his shoulders.
“Has anyone else used Terry’s room since the night of the party?” ​ I asked.
“No but the maid service came in and cleaned up yesterday.”
“Let’s take a look at the room she used that night anyway,” I suggested. We left the office and turned through the door to the left. I looked around the room. It was a nondescript room with the same beige walls and carpet along with quality furnishings and a king size bed. A night table stood on each side of the bed on each table was a small low wattage lamp with almost translucent red shade which would give the room a reddish tint. Each table had a small drawer. The perfect place to hide a stolen necklace.
“Boyle, could Terry have carried a bottle of champagne, two flutes and a necklace in two hands?” He thought about it a minute.


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