Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 5 cont’d..

“Drug use would be a motive for theft.”
“Yeah, could be, but she probably used most of that time to snort. She didn’t even wipe the coke off her face,” Boyle said.
“Who was next?”
“Pauline Walsh left around 9:15 and was gone almost fifteen minutes. I watched her gentleman spill champagne on her dress. She left the apartment. She lives one floor up and she came back wearing a different dress and repaired makeup. Fifteen minutes is good time for that king of major repair.”
“We’ll see. So all four girls left the party at one time or another, once. Only Suki and Pauline was gone long enough to steal the necklace. Did anyone leave the party a second time?” I asked.
“Yeah, Pauline and her gentlemen left together at about of ten of ten and came back about fifteen minutes later with their arms around each other and their clothes were disheveled.”
“Couldn’t wait for later I guess,” I said.
“Either they stole the necklace together or they played grab ass.”
“Maybe they were both horny?” Crystal said Pauline liked sex.
“Have you ever known a horny whore?” It was a rhetorical question. “There is no such thing as a horny whore. What you have is a working whore. He was horny, she was working. Its the nature of the business.” Boyle said.
“You don’t have a high opinion of working ladies, do you?” I asked.
“I can’t say that I do. I’ve seen what it turns the women into and I don’t like it.”
“Crystal’s a working woman,” I said. I wanted to see how he would handle the implication that his cousin was a prostitute.
“That’s different. She’s retired and doesn’t entertain anymore.” I didn’t want to ask if Crystal would entertain if the price were right because I was reasonably sure she would, if the price was right.


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