Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 5 cont’d.

“Let me think a minute.” Boyle rubbed his forehead as he thought. “The ladies gave their dates little pats, a soft tender touch, nothing too forward, nothing too sensual on their arm or shoulder as if to remind the gentlemen of what the immediate future held in store for them. If you didn’t know you were at a party in a house, you felt as if you could be at any festivity with a few close friends. The champagne was flowing. We had two cases in the refrigerator under the bar. The gentlemen drank like fish, after all they were paying for it. But we didn’t need to tap into the second case. The ladies are always reminded to never drink so much they lose control of the situation. Its one of Crystal’s cardinal rules, always stay in control. Get drunk, lose control, you’re fired. We want the ladies to come to the bar without their gentlemen. We pour the real stuff for the gentlemen and ginger ale from emptied champagne bottles for the ladies.”
“Did you see any of the ladies leave the room anytime during the party?” I asked.
“They all left at one time or the other that night,” Boyle said. “Potty breaks, fix makeup, that sort of things.”
“Do you remember who and what times the ladies left the party?” Boyle pondered that for a moment.
“Suki excused herself at about 8:15. Terry, left the party about 8:30,” Boyle said.
“Who left the party next?”
“I think it was Carol,” he said. She left around nine o’clock and when she returned, I noticed she had a makeup problem around her nose. I walked towards her and realized that her makeup problem wasn’t makeup, but cocaine. She must have snorted a couple of lines. I took her by the arm and led her a few steps away. She pleaded with me not to tell Crystal. She even offered me her services not to tell. I told her to go to the powder room and wash that shit off her face. With all that happened that night I forgot to tell Crystal. She hates drugs. She won’t allow the ladies to use it. Crystal had me take the last girl who used drugs and throw her ass out at Thirteenth and Logan Circle with the rest of the streetwalkers. Crystal’s going to be pissed when I tell her. She really liked Carol. She was even going to give her a job at one of the boutiques. Now, she’s history. She’ll be working… Well it won’t be pretty.”


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