Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 5 cont’d

“What time did the gentlemen leave the house and did the ladies leave at the same time?”
The gentlemen left between midnight and half twelve.” I noticed he used the British way of saying twelve thirty. “The ladies left a little later, maybe around one, after dressing and picking up their pay. Crystal’s rule is that the ladies don’t get dressed until the gentlemen leave. She thinks it seems a little less commercial that way.” Boyle thought for a long while.
Boyle’s eyes lit up as if a light bulb in his head turned on. “So the necklace had to have been stolen during the party,” he said.
“You said Crystal told you the necklace had been stolen by the time the couples went their separate way around eleven o’clock?”
“Yes.” His forehead furrowed and his eyes became more intense as he wondered what I was getting at.
“Boyle, I believe it was stolen during or immediately after the party while the couples were on their way to the bedrooms,” I said. Boyle sat quietly and absorbed this new found knowledge.
“Where does Crystal normally keep her keys?”
“She carries the office door and desk keys on a small gold keychain in a special pocket she has sewn into all her clothes but the night of the party, she gave them to me to hold.
“Why did she give them to you?”
“She said something about her dress being new and she hadn’t yet sewn the pocket in it yet.”
“I gave them back to her before she went into the office.”
“You had the keys in your possession the whole time from when Crystal gave them to you until you returned them to her?”
“Yes, the whole time.”
“Tell me every detail you can remember about the party,” I said.


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